Truth, equality, simplicity, peace and sustainability are very important values for Quakers, but being a Quaker is more a way of life than just a set of beliefs.

All are welcome to our Meeting House; including those of any faith or none and those from all backgrounds. We want to be accessible and welcoming to all. The Meeting House and garden are wheelchair friendly.

Our meetings are based on silence, a silence of waiting and listening.  The quiet may be interrupted by someone who 'ministers' i.e. having listened to God or the Spirit within, they share a thought or insight with the Meeting. This, however, doesn't usually disturb the stillness of a 'gathered' meeting. Those who attend a Quaker Meeting may feel spiritually 'refreshed' and carry this feeling into their everyday lives.






We are committed to enabling everyone, including children and vulnerable adults, to participate in Quaker communities without suffering harm. Harm can take many forms, and can be experienced as abusive or manipulative.

You can see our full safeguarding policy here.

Littlehampton Quakers are committed to the robust implementation of these policies and practices.  There are three main strands to this work:

  • the prevention of harm through careful checks and safe procedures
  • the taking of effective action where harm is found or suspected
  • the care of those who may be affected by harm

Contact details of Local Safeguarding Coordinator: Colin Holliday (07724 542804).  Area Safeguarding Coordinators are: Mike Coote (07901 917174) and Steve McMillan (07875 576438)